Apr 192015

Geocaching (pronounced “jee-o-cash-ing”) is an outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to find hidden containers called geocaches.

There are millions of them all over the world.

You’ve probably walked past several already.

You might even be very close to one right now…

(don’t believe us? Take a look at this geocaching map of East Lothian – every box represents a hidden cache !)

geocaching001To go geocaching you need a GPS receiver (or an app on a smartphone)

You also need to create an account at www.geocaching.com (it’s quick, easy and free)

Choose a geocache to find (search by place name or postcode).

Enter the coordinates of your chosen geocache into your GPS receiver and follow the arrow!

geocaching002Some geocaches called multi-caches involve solving clues to find the final coordinates. They can be lots of fun and take you to places you never knew existed.

Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny magnetic ones the size of a watch battery (handy for disguising as a bolt on a bench or bus shelter) to lunchbox-sized plastic containers hidden in a crook of a tree.

All of the geocaches contain a log book in which the finder signs their name. Larger caches often contain small toys and novelties which the you can swap!

geocaching003Next time you and our family plan to go for a walk or a day trip, why not combine it with a spot of geocaching?

p.s. East Lothian’s newest geocache ‘This Charming Park (GC5RD5B)’ can be found in Cuthill Park – but you’ll have to work out exactly where yourself!