May 192013
ENABLE Founder Susan Dow and her son

ENABEL Founder, Susan Dow with her son

A new support group has been created in East Lothian for families.

Their aim is to support families/guardians with children who have Autism/Aspergers, ADHD, social, sensory and behavioural difficulties.

Diagnosed or not, the group want to welcome any families going through these challenges. They support one another through shared experience, advice and friendship, with an emphasis on developing regular meet-up/drop-ins and small interest groups for all members (parents, children and siblings) alike.

Founder Susan Dow says:

It can feel very isolating at times for any family with a child who has a different rule book to what is deemed normal. Being part of a community who can share their experience and appreciate these challenges and differences can only be a good thing.

I thought a lot about this and searched many times over the years to find something that would help us. I realised that East Lothian has a great need for this sort of community, to help bring our families together and that it had to fit with every member of each family if it was to be suitable in meeting these needs and benefit everyone as much as possible.

Struggling along alone can be a very lonely experience and Susan often thought that she would like somewhere to go, someone to talk to and a place where her son could share friendship. A place where the family could feel supported, accepted and cared for. She wanted these things and needed support but she also wanted to share experience, learn from others and an opportunity to find solutions.

Extra Needs Altogether East Lothian

Since she couldn’t find such a group in East Lothian, Susan decided to create it herself, using Facebook as a means to reach out to others. The initial response was good and the group quickly gathered new members.

After some discussion with new members coming onto the page, we changed the name to reflect the holistic intentions of the group and the aims, thus, Altogether Better East Lothian – ABEL became Extra Needs Altogether Better East Lothian – ENABEL

We are simply families and care-givers who have children with Extra Needs and we are working Altogether to make things Better for us all.

Join ENABEL on Facebook or give Susan a call on 01875 870569 and leave your details – she’ll get back in touch.

ENABEL are holding a Drop-In session on Friday 24th May between 10am and 12 Noon at Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre, Levenhall, Musselburgh. Pop along to find out more, join the group and meet lots of new people.


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