Jul 302014

EamonEamon had a dream

He saw the success of a Trading Project elsewhere and thought he could use the model to raise money for a local cause.

The idea is simple. Start with something small and trade it for something a little bit bigger. Repeat and repeat and repeat and one day, you’ll have something really big that’s worth lot of money. Auction it off to the highest bidder and give loads of case to a good cause.

Eamon chose the East Lothian Food Bank as a very worthy cause.

To increase funds and spread the word about the project, Eamon is holding a Family Fun Day on August 17th in Ormiston. It’s already attracting a lot of attention with entertainment and stalls to delight everybody.

Lets help make Eamon’s dream come true and give him our support. This Fun Day will be FUN!!

For more details, check out Eamon’s Facebook Pages: