General Privacy Statement

Radio Saltire may collect information about website users for a variety of purposes. As far as possible these are detailed below.

Radio Saltire will not sell, swap or otherwise seek to profit from your personal information or other information shared with this website.

Please read the information below regarding more specific uses and information that we keep. E will be happy to answer any queries or worries you may have. Simply contact us via our Contact Form and we will reply as quickly as possible


To try and keep our website as safe and secure as possible we require anyone wanting to use our Chatroom to create an account on our site. The minimum information we require is a Username and working email address. We need an email address for three reasons.

  1. To verify your account.
  2. It allows you to request another password if you forget your current one.
  3. It allows us to ban an email address if it is associated with behaviour or language which we consider to be unsuitable for our site.

Click For Updates By Email

On the left sidebar there is a box titled Click For Updates By Email. Here, you are invited to enter your email address if you want to be sent an email whenever our website is updated. This service is provided by Mail Chimp. Your email and registration details will be stored by Mail Chimp not by Radio Saltire.  The service requires a “Double Opt In”. You must first enter your email address in the box and then respond to an email sent to your address. Every time you are sent an update email you will see an Unsubscribe link in case you want to stop the service.

Statistics and Analytics

In line with many other websites, we use Google Analytics to view information about how our website is accessed. If you are interested, you can find out more about the service here:

Ecommerce and Donations

From time to time we may offer items for sale or the opportunity to donate to our Station on our website. In these circumstances we will use Paypal to process our transactions. All credit card / bank account or other financial information will be collected and used by Paypal not Radio Saltire. You can find more information about Paypal here:

If necessary we may require Name, Address and Telephone contact information. This will be required to make sure your purchase can be delivered to you in the most efficient way possible. We will not use this information for any other purpose.

This is a Guide Only

This page is intended to give you basic information about how we use information at Radio Saltire. It is not intended to cover every possible eventuality. If you have any doubts about the information we gather and/or keep, please get in touch. We will answer any questions as quickly and truthfully as possible.