The Enigma that is ‘Shorty’

Shorty Profile PicIt is rumoured that Shorty began his career in music way back in the 70’s as a DJ with a mobile disco company somewhere over the water. Working gigs ranging from Weddings to Birthday Parties and Bar Mitzvahs to Christenings, he couldn’t believe that people actually liked what he was playing – and he got paid for it too!

He began to hone his craft into a fine art and as time passed, he developed his own unique style moving slowly but intentionally into the world of – ‘Club Dance’.

That he successfully auditioned for a permanent position at a club north of the Forth is purely conjecture but tradition dictates that he was first at the door with a selection of his best 12” singles in a torn plastic bag. With pounding heart and shaky hand he placed the first of his discs on the turntable and began to play…….mixed in a second and then a third……..and the dance floor was buzzing.

After 40 minutes, they had to drag him off the stage to give the next applicant a chance but the mould was now set for a career that would take him and his music to some of the biggest clubs in Scotland and the opportunity to meet with many of the top artists in the world.

He is now entertaining the listeners here on Radio Saltire with his own brand of music.

So, whether you are getting ready to go out for the night, doing the housework or lazing by the fireside with a glass of red, he will have something to make you dance your “wee cotton socks off” ………..and bring back a few memories too!!!

Join Shorty every Friday at 8.00 pm for three hours of ‘Shorty’s Club Classics’