Iain G


Iain G - Radio SaltireOriginally born and bred in Haddington, Iain G is both a presenter and Audio Technician for Radio Saltire. He’s been involved with Radio Saltire (formerly known as East Lothian FM) since its formation in August 2011. Iain is a qualified Sound Engineer and Web Designer with his own multimedia business and recording studio.

As a performing musician since his High School days, Iain travels all over the country knocking the beat out with popular function band “Cool Reception”.  His interests and hobbies include shooting, fishing, golf, photography, music and web design.

As a former mobile DJ and musician, Iain’s taste in music is very varied covering most genres. He currently presents his “Mid Week Music Feast” show every Wednesday night from 8pm till 10pm, featuring community news, local information, great music and plenty of banter thrown in for good measure!