David Caldwell


David CaldwellHi everyone,

I’m David Caldwell from Prestonpans! It’s a pleasure to be able to join the team at Radio Saltire.

One of my hobbies includes the history of broadcasting and local TV branding as well as writing poetry and stories. I’ve always strived to be able to help my own communities and believe Radio Saltire offers that platform, not just for me as presenter but more importantly for the audience.

You can listen to my show on Monday afternoons between 4pm and 6pm, for a mix of tracks, TV themes, what the local & national papers are saying, horoscopes plus your high school embarrassing moments in ‘The School Run’!

…oh, and the odd mention of Uma Thurman might crop up, who happens to be my favourite actress!

David Does Brunch

Join Radio Saltire for the Brunch show on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (soon to be Tuesdays instead of Wednesday!) for an always eclectic mix of music spanning the decades!

Each edition will also include the latest News and regional weather on the hour – plus regular features:

  • The Paper Review at 10.15am
  • Community News/Events Info at :30 each hour
  • The History and Birthday Files at 12.40pm

Feel free to join us and contact us during Brunch… and, since it’s myself David Caldwell in the chair, you can be guaranteed a mention of Uma Thurman once a second….!!!’