Ali Thorburn


GrooveFusionAli Thorburn aka GrooveFusion began his musical journey at an early age in a home when all the sounds of the 70’s and onwards were played.

As he grew older he developed an interest in electronic music and rap, the former being Kraftwerk and the Art of Noise the later being the likes of Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Melle Mel. These tastes led directly to an interest in turntablism.

GrooveFusion has been quietly working away ever since.

GrooveFusion loves trance, more specifically, loves trance and all of its sub-genres, probably leaning more towards the Psy/Goa sound. Bottom line? If it sounds good to his ears it has a place in his collection, which occasionally leads to track choices from other genres.

Hence the tag, GrooveFusion. Peace to all 🙂