Andrew Morris

Jul 032015


Its been a fantastic day at Radio Saltire Towers today (Friday).
I’m not going to bore you with all the details here because I’m sure there will be much posted on the website and on the Radio Saltire fb page as the days pass…..

So back to the nitty gritty as they say – and what about this week’s show?

Well this week our ‘Year Under The Spotlight’ is 1983:
What were you up to in 1983?
Were you even around in 1983?
If so you might remember watching ‘Breakfast Time’ on the beeb for the first time, Compact Discs making their debuts in the shops and ITV’s ‘Blockbuster’ show screening for the first time.
Back then we were listening to tracks from David Bowie, Irene Cara and Men at Work.

Our ‘Vintage Chart’ from 4th. July 1965 has three new entries and a new No 1. – and finally in the last hour, I’ll put my feet up and simply wallow in some superb music which I will bring in from my vaults in Sunny Dunny and include of course our ‘Children’s Favourite’.

Join me if you can from Noon on Saturday at

Mmmmmm – as smooth as melted chocolate.

Jun 262015

This week sees me back in the studio for the first time in 3 weeks and I’m rarin’ to go.

Our ‘Year under the Spotlight’ is 1973 and I’ll be recalling what was making the news headlines back then and reminding us what we were listening to on our wirelesses.
For example, 1973 saw us joining the European Economic Community – or the Common Market as it was known back then. We were up to our eyes in the Cod War with Iceland and Princess Anne announced her engagement to Captain Mark Phillips. On the music front we were being entertained by the likes of the Carpenters, Perry Como and Dave Edmunds.

Our UK Vintage Singles Chart from exactly 50 years ago has a new No 1 and three new entries. Cliff Richard, his backing band, the Shadows and the Yardbirds have all appeared and we’ll start the countdown in the second hour of the show.

Then to finish, we’ll spend what time is left in pure indulgence – and if you would like a request, a dedication or just a name check, this is the part of the show for you. Just let me know.

180 minutes of magic and it all kicks off at noon.

I do hope you can join me.


PS. The GREAT Golden Oldies Show now has a Facebook page.
I’ll keep you up to speed with any news and views and if you would like a mention on the show, just post something there and I’ll do my best for you.

May 222015

This week we will be keeping one eye on the football at Easter Road whilst wallowing in some really Great golden oldies from yesteryear.

Our ‘Year Under The Spotlight’ is 1991, the year high unemployment, rioting in cities around Britain and start of the Gulf War were making the headlines. Our music was being provided by the likes of Bryan Adams, Rick Astley, Zuccero (remember him?) and Jason Donovan.

As usual, we will be tracking the progress of out ‘Vintage Chart’ from May 1965 and to round everything off, we’ll enjoy a last hour of pure nostalgia with some great stuff I’ve dug up from my collection in the crypts of Sunny Dunny – and will include this week’s ‘Children’s Favourite’, which I’m sure will invoke some fond memories for many of you.

So if you want the best of both worlds – kept up to speed with the Hibs v Rangers game and the finest Golden Oldies show on the wireless today, join me, Andy Morris at noon on Saturday right here on Radio Saltire and you can have the lot for the price of one…..

The GREAT Golden Oldies Show.
ONLY on Radio Saltire.

May 212015

We were contacted recently by Kasha Jarosz, a Connecting Communities Officer with Voluntary Action – Orkney who is based at their Offices in Kirkwall.
VA Orkney are examining the possibilities of setting up a new Internet Radio Station which will serve the Orkney Community and have and turned to us for some advice.
Kasha met with some of our Trustees at the studio and we are more than happy to help.
It is hoped that we can establish a permanent link between ourselves and the new station and have offered to assist them in any way we can.

Kasha at Radio Saltire 20.05.15
Pictured is Kasha together with Andy Morris and Chairman Scott Gillies.

May 142015

This week’s show is different because it’s unique.

Whilst it will follow the usual format, it’s unique because it has never been heard before.

Our ‘Year under the Spotlight’ is 1987, the year ex-Prime Minister Harold Macmillan died. It was the year that MP Edwina Currie got into hot water (again) by stating that “Good Christians won’t get AIDS” and when Margaret Thatcher was returned to Downing Street for the third time following a General Election.
Back then we were listening to tracks from the likes of T’Pau, Rick Astley, Mel & Kim and Los Lobos.

We will be revisiting our ‘Vintage Chart’ from May 1965 and this week we have a new No 1 and new entries from Jim Reeves, Cilla Black and Marianne Faithful.

And during the last hour our ‘Children’s Favourite’ is another of those tracks you never actually forget and will probably remember all the words to as you join in…..

So give it up for the GREAT Golden Oldies Show with me – Andy Morris at noon on Saturday, for the fastest 180 minutes in the west.

If you would like a request for a Golden Oldie, a dedication or just a name check, let me know at and I will be happy to oblige.

May 092015

In a week where we have had the most memorable General Election in decades, when we remembered VE Day 70 years on and when we at Radio Saltire first began transmitting from our brand new studio, why not join me – Andy Morris for a trip down memory lane once again with the GREAT Golden Oldies Show at noon today.

Our Year under the Spotlight this week is 1960.

We will be revisiting our Vintage Chart from 50 years ago and if you would like a request, dedication or just a name check, all you have to do is let me know.
I do hope you can join me.