Jan 312016

Angie TownsendRadio Saltire was saddened on Friday to hear that our dear Angie Townsend had succumbed to the cancer she had been battling with remarkable courage and dignity over the last few years.

Angie joined the studio as a presenter in September 2013 and immediately made an impression on the team with her vibrant personality, sense of fun, and her compassion. Despite undergoing chemotherapy, Angie rarely missed a show and she delighted listeners, guests and her fellow presenters alike. Sometimes joined on air by her lovely young daughters, Angie would reach out to anyone in need to give encouragement and support. Most of us knew that Angie was facing something far more challenging than we were and it was humbling to witness her genuine concern for the well-being of others while she was fighting for her life, buoyed by her never faltering Faith.

Angie said that she enjoyed presenting her radio show immensely as it was a time when she didn’t think about cancer and something she did just for herself. Her friends at Radio Saltire know that it was impossible for Angie to do anything just for herself, however, because whatever she did, she touched those around her with her zest for life, her mischievous sense of humour and her positive attitude. Last year saw the launch of Angie’s CD “Butterfly” which is, in her own words “a collection of songs written to celebrate life, love and things I’ve wanted to say and I hope there will be at least one song in there that either touches your heart or inspires you.” It is available online at www.angietownsend.co.uk along with more of Angie’s story.

Angie remained at the studio until April 2015 and was inaugurated into the Radio Saltire “Hall of Fame” by becoming our first Honorary Member. We feel we were the honoured ones to have known Angie as a friend and colleague – a little lady with a big heart and so many talents: singer, songwriter, and storyteller and, of course, radio presenter, to name a few. Of all the roles that Angie had, the ones which meant the most to her were those of wife to her devoted husband Chris, and mother to Bethany and Ceri-Ann. Our thoughts are with all of Angie’s family at this time. It was a pleasure to have had you on our team Angie. You will be sorely missed by so many people and for those of you who pray, be patient over the next few weeks because God will be very busy having a Richt Guid Blether!

Words by Madelaine xx