Oct 172015

Taking part in #EastLothianHour on Twitter is a great way to share information (and discover things!) about our great county.

Previous themes have included Food, Venues and The Great Outdoors.

On 10th November (9pm – 10pm) the theme will be Festive Gift Buying – with an emphasis on #ShopLocal.

It will be an opportunity for local producers, artisans and retailers to showcase their products and hopefully give everyone following #EastLothianHour some ideas for Christmas presents.

We will try to follow a timetable of sorts but don’t worry about sticking rigidly to it -we’ll just be glad that you are taking part.

To take part, all you have to do is put #EastLothianHour in your tweet.

9.00 – Welcome.  Introduce yourself!

9.05 – Imagine this scenario: It’s Christmas Eve.  The roads are blocked with snow. You need to walk to your nearest shop to purchase a last minute present.  Where in East Lothian do you go, how long does it take you, and what do you buy?

9.10 – You mission is to purchase an item which has been made, grown or designed in East Lothian.  Which of our county’s artisans do you recommend?

9.25 – Thinking about sustainability, fair trade, charity donations, charity Christmas cards, recycling and re-gifting – what are your favourite ethical buys that support the planet and its inhabitants?

9.35 – We love East Lothian – and so do many people who have moved away or have links to the county.  What are your recommendations for East Lothian themed gifts?

9.45 -They don’t require gift-wrapping, but ‘experience’ gifts make fabulous memories – which East Lothian experience do you recommend?

9.55 – Independent retailers rock! They need our support and often offer a much better experience than shopping online or at big chains.  Which East Lothian independent shops can you buy most, or all, of your gifts?