May 192015

People in East Lothian are invited to get an insight into the work of Queen Margaret University (QMU), by taking part in its Community Forum.

QMU will stage the Community Forum at its Musselburgh campus in East Lothian on Monday 25th May 2015, from 6.30pm.

Local people will have the opportunity to ask questions about the University and how it is working with the community.  Callum Maguire, Head of Outreach & Community Engagement at QMU will be the key speaker at the event.

The QMU Community Forum brings together university staff, local residents, businesses, organisations, schools and council representatives twice a year to discuss university and local community issues.

QMU from the Air

Jane Scott, Director of Marketing & Communications at QMU, said: “The QMU Community Forum is designed to create a link between local people in and around East Lothian, Edinburgh and the University. The popular event attracts a variety of interest from local residents, councillors and representatives from community groups.

“We look forward to welcoming a wide range of local people to our next Community Forum on 25th May, when they will have the chance to find out about widening access to higher education from QMU’s Head of Outreach & Community Engagement.”

QMU is open to the local community throughout the year, providing a range of public facilities, including learning resources, gym and sports centre, café, restaurant and grounds for leisure activities and dog-walking.

For more information and to register for the QMU Community Forum, contact Jane Purves, Marketing & Communications Office, QMU, T: 0131 474 0000, E: