Apr 292015

Join me, Andy Morris, every Saturday at noon for three hours of great nostalgic music from yesteryear.

This week’s ‘Year under the Spotlight’ is 1986.
Can you remember what you were up to back then?

Well that was the year we Brits agreed a deal with our French neighbours to dig a tunnel under the sea and create a link with them, when they finished building the M25 around London and Edinburgh hosted the Commonwealth Games. That same year saw bands like the Pet Shop Boys, A-Ha and the Communards topping the UK singles charts.

And talking of the charts, we will, as usual, be revisiting our Top 20 UK Singles chart from 2nd. May 1965 – exactly 50 years ago, with new entries this week from Françoise Hardy, the Seekers and Manfred Mann.

Finally, and during the last hour, I will be playing some of my favourite vintage tracks plucked randomly from my own collection and will include this week’s ‘Children’s Favourite’, a song recorded by Lita Rosa – and whilst her name may mean nothing to you now, her song, ‘How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?’ was a big hit with the kids in 50’s and was always seemingly being played on the wireless back then.

If you would like a name check, a dedication or a request, email me at andrew@radiosaltire.org and I’ll see what I can do.

I do hope you can join me.

Apr 222015

Katie G is stepping into the studio for a Take That Special tomorrow night (Thursday) between 6 and 8pm.

Take That

This is a rare treat for Radio Saltire listeners. Katie doesn’t often stray from her usual Sunday afternoon, so show her your support and get involved with the show.

The usual contact details apply:

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Apr 192015

Proposals for the new East Lothian Community Hospital will go on show to the public at a host of events across the county in May.

A Proposal of Application Notice has been submitted to East Lothian Council and a number of community consultation events will now follow.
These events will help to gather views about the look and feel of the building, landscaping at the site along with access to the new hospital, which is proposed to be built at Roodlands in Haddington.
NHS Lothian, working with our development partner Hub South East Scotland, would then anticipate submitting a planning application for the project this summer.
Staff and service providers have been involved in workshops over the past few months to develop the designs of the new hospital.
This work has involved deciding on locations for departments within the new facility. Access to and from the site has also been carefully considered as part of this process.
David Small, Joint Director, East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership said: “We are keen to hear views from service users, patients and the public about the latest proposals which will go to the council planning committee in the summer.
“So far we have listened to what people have had to say about the new development and it’s important to the success of the project that this continues as we move ahead.
“We would ask those interested in the development to come along and share their comments on the plans we have at this point. Senior members of the project team who are leading on the development will be able to answer any questions you have on the day.”
The dates and locations for the public meetings are:
Friday 15th May             2pm – 7pm    Town House (Main Hall), Haddington
Saturday 16th May        10am – 2pm   Town House (Main Hall), Haddington
Tuesday 19th May         6pm – 8pm     Esk Rooms 1 and 2, Brunton Hall, Musselburgh
Thursday 21st May        6pm – 8pm     Hope Rooms, North Berwick
The outline business case for the project is also being developed in tandem with the planning proposals and this will set out costs, location, hospital services and timescales.
The project team would anticipate submitting the outline business case for approval to the Scottish Government by summer 2015.
Apr 192015

Geocaching (pronounced “jee-o-cash-ing”) is an outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to find hidden containers called geocaches.

There are millions of them all over the world.

You’ve probably walked past several already.

You might even be very close to one right now…

(don’t believe us? Take a look at this geocaching map of East Lothian – every box represents a hidden cache !)

geocaching001To go geocaching you need a GPS receiver (or an app on a smartphone)

You also need to create an account at www.geocaching.com (it’s quick, easy and free)

Choose a geocache to find (search by place name or postcode).

Enter the coordinates of your chosen geocache into your GPS receiver and follow the arrow!

geocaching002Some geocaches called multi-caches involve solving clues to find the final coordinates. They can be lots of fun and take you to places you never knew existed.

Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny magnetic ones the size of a watch battery (handy for disguising as a bolt on a bench or bus shelter) to lunchbox-sized plastic containers hidden in a crook of a tree.

All of the geocaches contain a log book in which the finder signs their name. Larger caches often contain small toys and novelties which the you can swap!

geocaching003Next time you and our family plan to go for a walk or a day trip, why not combine it with a spot of geocaching?

p.s. East Lothian’s newest geocache ‘This Charming Park (GC5RD5B)’ can be found in Cuthill Park – but you’ll have to work out exactly where yourself!

Apr 162015

Isle of Wight based Aquatic Engineering have been working closely with Lafarge Tarmac and RSPB Scotland to build a Tern nesting raft as part of the regenerating project at Whitesands Quarry, east of Dunbar.

ternAquatic Engineering provided the nesting raft (which is just one of the products they build, supply and maintain) which measured 16m2 and covered in gravel.

The Junior Rangers – an environmental youth group with a focus on conservation work, including practical habitat management, biological surveying and environmental interpretation – were responsible for making sure that the gravel was the right depth on the base for nesting Terns.  The use of tern rafts and floating islands can offer an effective way to provide important undisturbed habitat in a deep-water lake for ground nesting birds such as terns and some wader species.

The whole project has been set up not only to provide a home for nesting Terns but also to restore the quarry in a way that enhances and encourages biodiversity and creates a wonderful place for visitors and local communities.  Additionally, the project has enabled the Junior Rangers to develop skills in bird identification and given them experience in  using large hand tools.

Aquatic Engineering returned at the beginning of April to refurbish the raft ready for the new season and we will continue to work alongside both Lafarge and RSPB Scotland to ensure the quarry remains a safe haven for wildlife.

If you are aged between 11-18, live in East Lothian and are interested in becoming a Junior Ranger, please contact Jen Edwards, Countryside Ranger at jedwards@eastlothian.gov.uk or 01620 827847

The photo shows a beautiful Tern chick on the nesting raft – a proud day for all involved!

Apr 162015

It’s all change this week as I’ve shuffled things round a bit.

Our ‘Year Under the Spotlight’ has now been assigned to the opening hour and this week we are going all the way back to 1984 to take a look at what was making the news headlines here in the UK and reminding ourselves what we were listening to on the music front. For example, 1984 was the year that Japanese Car Maker Nissan agreed to start production of their cars here in Britain and acquired a large site for their factory at Washington in County Durham. It was also the year that the Miner’s Strike began and when Jane Torville and Christopher Dean won the Gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, in a country known back then as Yugoslavia. And our favourite music came from the likes of Chaka Khan, George Michael and Lionel Ritchie

Then, in the second hour we will be checking out the top 20 best-selling UK singles in our ‘Vintage Chart’ from exactly 50 years ago. With new entries to look forward to this week from The Animals, Roger Miller, a track that was destined to become a classic from the Beatles and a new No 1, we have a lot to look forward to.

And finally and to round off the show it will be time to relax and just let the music take over. Once again I will be playing a selection of tracks from my own collection for us all to wallow in and if you have any requests, dedications or would simple like a name check, the last hour of the show is just for you. I will also include this week’s Children’s Favourite and have chosen a funny and extremely popular song from 1961 that was a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

So join me if you can on Saturday at noon and let’s travel back together for three hours or so of pure nostalgia.

If you would like a request, a dedication, a name check – or would like to choose a specific ‘Year Under The Spotlight’, just let me know.
You can reach me 24/7 at andrew@radiosaltire.org