Mar 062015

This week’s ‘Children’s Favourite’ is the theme tune to a TV series that was first broadcast between 1955 and 1960. It starred Richard Greene as Robin Hood and the kid’s at the time knew all the words.
So if you were like me, and have fond memories of it, tune in.

Our ‘Year Under the Spotlight’, this week is 1994 as usual, we’ll be taking a look at what was making the headlines here in the UK back then. For example, in February 1994 the police began to dig up the cellar of Fred West House at 25, Cromwell Street in Gloucester. The year women were first ordained into the Church of England and Camelot won the contract to run Britain’s first lottery.
Back then we were listening to music from East 17, Take That and Maria Carey.

Finally we will be checking out the top 20 best-selling UK singles in our ‘Vintage Chart’ from exactly 50 years ago. That’s the 7th. March 1965 to be precise and it’s the UK singles chart that we follow every week.

So join me, Andy Morris on Saturday at noon and we’ll travel back together for 3 hours or so to a time of nostalgia when we were all a wee bit younger than we are right now.