Mar 132015

This week’s show will follow the usual format – three distinct parts with the first hour’s music plucked randomly from my own personal collection and will of course include our ‘Children’s Favourite’. This week it by a very popular singer from Hull in Yorkshire. He had a number of hits here in the UK in the 50’s and 60’s including this one, which was a particular favourite of the kids and adults alike.
We all knew the words to it back then so be prepared to join in.

Our ‘Year under the Spotlight’ is 1982 and we’ll be looking at what was making the headlines in the UK back then. For example, 1982 was of course the year of the Falklands War, the year the first ‘Next’ store opened and when the last Ford Cortina rolled off the production line in Dagenham.
On the music front, we were listening to tracks by artists including Irene Cara (of ‘Fame’ fame), Musical Youth (of ‘Pass the Duchie’ fame) and Michael Barratt – Who? (Shakin’ Stevens!)

And last but not least, we will be checking out the top 20 best-selling UK singles in our ‘Vintage Chart’ from exactly 50 years ago. That’s the 14th. March 1965 to be precise and it’s the UK singles chart that we follow every week. With a new No1 and 3 new entries this week, it will be worth waiting for.

So if you can remember playing marbles in the playground or hopscotch on a footpath, this is the show for you. Or if, like me, you are just an old softie at heart, join me at noon on Saturday for three hours of pure nostalgia.

The GREAT Golden Oldies Show – with Andy Morris.
Saturdays at noon on Radio Saltire