Jan 312015

Well, if you’ve been suffering from David Caldwell-withdrawl symptoms (and we’re not sure why!) then you’ll be pleased/irate (delete as applicable) to find that I’ll be back on Sunday the 1’st Feb covering for Katie G between 1pm and 3pm! We’ll still have the 2 cheesy tunes at 2.02 and requests are welcome!

…then, on Monday’s Brunch, we’ve all felt like cruising down the river as the song says – but often money worries and a lack of time can prevent us from pursuing our worldwide traveling plans. So, we’ll be speaking to Anna Watt from Travelbag and Alex White from Princess Cruises to tell us how we make of the most of cruising holidays and how to plan for them. That will be at 11.45am.

So, there we are! And below, a present for anyone sick of D. Caldwell – perfect for darts fans, maybe…?!

me grafftti