Jan 122015

During the Brunch Show on Tuesday, Andy Morris chatted to Brian Glass from the Changes Community Health Project in Musselburgh about the upcoming awareness project.
Their conversation was broadcast live.**

Suicide – Don’t Hide it, Talk About it

That was the slogan a number of years ago and it is still in use today. The problem is who do you talk to? Suicide is not a subject that comes up in normal conversation. It is a subject that is rarely spoken about outside of medical facilities or therapists rooms. Those that have suicidal thoughts are frightened of the reactions they might get from people if they talk about them. They are frightened they might get ‘locked away’ if they disclose to a medical professional.

People who are concerned about someone are frightened to ask directly about suicide because they do not know what to do whatever the answer. As a result we generally fear the subject and avoid it at all costs.

In East Lothian, free training is available so that anyone could potentially help save a life and give people thinking about suicide that option to talk to someone. Over the next three months CHANGES Community Health Project, in association with Radio Saltire, will be running a series of awareness raising training sessions. These sessions are aimed at non-medical people.

The courses are:

SuicideTALK – A one hour discussion around the subject of suicide, talking about why someone who is thinking about suicide would want to talk and how to respond to them.

SafeTALK – A three hour training course based around spotting the signs someone might be thinking about suicide, asking directly about suicide and what to do whatever the answer.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training – a two day in depth training course based around dealing with someone who is suicidal, how to ask, what to do when they say yes and how to help in that immediate crisis to keep that person safe. It basically gives you the skills to ‘intervene’ in a suicide situation.

The course programme is:


January 21st (Wednesday) 12:30 – 1:30pm in the Pennypit Centre, Prestonpans


February 4th (Wednesday) 9:30am – 12:30pm in the Townhouse, Haddington

March 12th (Thursday) 5:00 – 8:00pm in the Townhouse, Haddington


March 26th & 27th (Thurs/Fri) all day, both days in the Townhouse, Haddington

To book on a course, visit www.changeschp.org.uk and click on the ‘book online’ button. Then follow the instructions from there. Alternatively call Brian on 0131 653 1086. It lasts for approx. 21 minutes.

** To listen to the full discussion between Andy Morris and Brian Glass which was broadcast on Tuesday 13th. January 2015, (it lasts for approx. 21 minutes) click HERE.