Jan 232015

How many of you remember the classic ‘Sparky’s Magic Piano’?
Well that’s our ‘Children’s Favourite’ this week.
It was recorded back in 1947, released in 1948 and although not the first to hit the airwaves, it became the best seller of the very popular ‘Sparky’ series.

I remember it was always being played on the wireless on the BBC’s Light Programme – ‘Children’s Choice’ on Saturday mornings in the 1950’s but never all at once. Uncle Mac, the programme’s presenter, used split it up into episodes and play it over two or three weeks.
Well for the first time (possible ever!), I will be featuring it in its entirety during the first part of this week’s GREAT Golden Oldies Show.

The second hour will be dedicated as usual to our ‘Year Under the Spotlight’ which this week is 1989.
It was in 1989 when Sky first appeared on our TV screens, Nigel Mansell won the Brazilian Grand Prix, Ford took over Jaguar and of course the disaster at Hillsborough when 95 football fans lost their lives.
On the music front we were listening to tracks from the likes of Jason Donovan, Madonna, Jive Bunny and Lisa Stansfield.

And finally, we’ll revisit our 60’s ‘Vintage Chart’ from exactly 50 years ago this week.
That’s 24th. January 1965 to be precise and it’s the UK singles chart that we are now following week on week.
New entries this week from Cilla Black, Manfred Mann, Del Shannon and the Righteous Brothers.

So join me, Andy Morris, if you can on Saturday at noon (GMT) and wallow in some musical memories of yesteryear for a while.
(And if you can admit to remembering ‘Sparky’s Magic Piano’ I won’t tell – honest!)

Oh, and while I remember – This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday and the GREAT Golden Oldies Show that week will be changing.
So for one time only (this year anyway) join me for the St. Valentine’s Day ‘Lurve’ Show where you folk decide what I will play as you dedicate tracks to your loved ones.
Send your Valentine Wishes to me at
tell me what you would like to hear, who it’s for and a wee message of ‘lurve’ – and I promise to include it in the show.