Dec 102014

Gritter LorryAs we head towards Christmas and the weather gets colder, East Lothian Council is asking residents to please leave enough room for the large gritting lorries which maintain our roads in winter when parking their vehicles.

The East Lothian Council winter maintenance team is on standby 24 hours a day between October and March, and as such can require access at any time, day or night, dependent on weather conditions.

A council spokesperson said:

Our gritter drivers are normally alone, and often work in the dark with very poor visibility and the gritters cannot easily reverse or manoeuvre due to their size. This means that if a car is badly parked, or if a car is stuck, roads can become inaccessible and unable to be gritted, creating dangerous conditions for anyone travelling in that area.

Letters may be issued to areas where there is a particular issue; however we would ask all residents to take care when parking their vehicles to ensure that there is enough space is left for our gritters to get through.

Visit the council website for more information on gritting:

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