Dec 022014

East Lothian Council’s Olivebank Child and Families Centre in Musselburgh has just received the results of its most recent Care Inspectorate inspection, carried out in July this year. They gave Olivebank these grades:

  • Quality of Care and Support 6 – Excellent
  • Quality of Environment 6 – Excellent
  • Quality of Staffing 6 – Excellent
  • Quality of Management and Leadership 6 – Excellent.

Excellent is the highest grading that the Care Inspectorate can give. The service had previously been rated at the second highest rating – very good.

The Olivebank Child and Family Centre offers care and support to vulnerable children and their families in a welcoming, safe and secure environment.  Staff from Olivebank can also work with families in their own homes, and they run groups for parents and carers at regular intervals throughout the year.  Centre staff support children so they can:

  • develop emotionally, personally and socially
  • improve their communication and language skills
  • increase their knowledge and understanding of the world
  • develop their expressive and aesthetic skills
  • improve their physical development and their movement skills.

Olivebank currently supports 50 children aged two months to four years and their families and carers.

The inspectorate found that Olivebank offered a wide range of high quality support to children and their families.  They felt the high quality of practice was underpinned by the following elements.

  • The manager provided a clear vision for the service and strong leadership for staff.
  • The management team effectively supported the manager and staff in their work.
  • Welcoming, open and friendly staff had a professional and caring approach to children and families.
  • A reflective culture promoted ongoing assessment and developments in the service.
  • The indoor and outdoor environments provided excellent support for learning through play.
  • Children and families were consulted for their views and provided with a range of opportunities to take part in the life and work of the centre.

Children’s Wellbeing and Education spokesperson Councillor Shamin Akhtar says:

‘Olivebank does a fantastic job and is very much valued by everyone who uses the service.  It thoroughly deserves its excellent gradings. I know that Ann Hume and her team will continue to deliver the very high standard of care and support provided for children and their families. I’d like to thank them their hard work and dedication and the wonderful support they provide to young children with additional support needs and their families and carers’.