Dec 222014

Local author William ‘Billy’ Graham, a regular within the regional Tyne and Esk Writers’ network, has given Radio Saltire details of his latest book to be released!

Entitled ‘Any Street, Any Town’, the story follows Max Duffy, a boy racer who takes the life of Colin Lamont who was key to an incident Max has carried out. To the dismay and general depression of the Lamont family, Max is aquitted. But, seconds chances come round for Max and he is determined to keep a new romantic flame in his life, no matter the costs.

The heat eventually gets too much around the time of the Colin Lamont memorial race and Max wants out – but he’s made too many enemies…

Set in Tranent itself and the surrounding area, the story follows from the unrelated first novel by Mr Graham which received numerous praises. We were hoping Mr Graham would visit Satire Towers for a wee chat, but he politely admitted radio would cause him to fluster – something any of us are prone too… watch this space however…!!!

The book ‘Any Street, Any Town’ (ISBN 978-0-9576818-2-8) is available price £5.99 and is published by MDPD. Enquiries can be made at this address: