Oct 222014

If your hair is greyer than it used to be,
You ache in places you cannot see,

Have wrinkles where they shouldn’t be;
Yet still love the music that used to be;
Why not travel back in time with me –

Andy Morris, this Saturday and EVERY Saturday at Noon with the GREAT Golden Oldies Show?

Coming up this week:

My first hour will be dedicated to a real mix of Golden Oldies from yesteryear and this is the time for you to have a request or dedication included. (see below)

This week’s ‘Favourite Year’ is 1968 and has been chosen by a lovely lady called Janice who emailed me from her home in Motherwell. She has a smashing story to tell and has asked me to include The Tremeloes with ‘My Little Lady’, O.C. Smith’s ‘The Son Of Hickory Hollers’s Tramp’ and Don Partridge and ‘Blue Eyes’
Well of course I will….!

And finally, we travel back in time to 25th. October 1964 and the UK Top 20 Singles Chart.
By public demand I have been asked to feature a chart from the 60’s – so from this week onwards we will follow the comings and goings of this particular one as the weeks progress. It’s a cracker actually with tracks in there this week from the likes of Roy Orbison, the Bachelors and Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers.

As usual, you will get the opportunity to enter the ’Spot The TV Show that Grannie Used to Watch’ Competition and be in with a chance to win a rare Radio Saltire Car Sticker and I will also slot in our ‘Children’s Favourite’ and take some of you back to your youth to see if you still remember the words to a song that was always being played on the wireless back then at a time when you were somewhat younger than you are now.

And it all kicks off at noon on Saturday..
So throw away those walking sticks and zimmers and let’s see you skip the light fandango…..

If you would like a request or a dedication – or pick a ‘Favourite Year’ – a year that means something to you, no matter where you are on this ever shrinking globe of ours, just email me 24/7 at andrew@radiosaltire.org

Go on…I dare you….!