Sep 172014

David: Hokey cokey! Lots to remind you of, so let’s get started… On Tuesday’s Brunch, we started with a chat all about fire safety, running in tandem with Fire Safety Week. Here is a reminder of the web links mentioned:

Theodore Firedoor – – help and advice on fire safety procedure

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In part three of Brunch, we were joined by Jeremy and Aaron from the People’s Climate Change Edinburgh group. They spoke about the immediate and long-term aims not just for them, but for all us in search of ways to help our planet. The picnic/march/speaking event will take place on Sun 21’st, meeting at 1.30pm at The Mound. The march is less than a mile and thus suitable for buggy users and the infirm too – indeed, all are welcome.

Statement #1 on the People’s Climate March & Gathering in Edinburgh

The above link has all the details and explains this march is in co-ordination with other marches across the world, leading up to a planned UN meeting coming up soon.