Sep 142014

Well, on Brunch the week beginning Mon 15’th September, we’ll be going back in time and looking forward to a great play which is heading to The Brunton in Musselburgh! After a sell-out tour last year, the acclaimed production of Shang A Lang is touring once more – it’s a funny, warm, nostalgic story of a group of 40-something women as they attend a 1970s revival weekend… the Bay City Rollers are playing and it spurs them to throw caution to the wind and recapture their youth, having been ‘Rollerettes’ back in the day!

A fantastic chance to see this on Thursday – I’m keen to find out more… and if you are too, stay with Radio Saltire this week as we’ll be talking to the cast and crew on Mon, Tues and Thurs at 11.15am each day – starting with the director, Michael Emans (Rapture Theatre credits include: Richard III, Misery and Death Of A Salesman).

Join us if you can and bring your flares!!!

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