Aug 042014

It’s ‘as you were’ this week on ‘AM into the PM’.
The plague and pestilence has been and gone and I’m up and running again so the show I lined up for last week will be going out this week….
Except that is for Shamin Akhtar who unfortunately can’t make it.
(We’ve re-scheduled her interview and she will now be ‘live’ in the studio on Wednesday 27th. August)

So if you missed it before, here we go again…..

Ever heard of a Mojo?
Well back in 1957, a song was written called ‘Got my Mojo Workin’’. Although it was released as a single it didn’t do anything until a year later when it was recorded and released by Muddy Waters – and it became an instant international hit. Over the years it has been recorded by many famous names and I’ll be having a bit of a look at it in detail (and revealing just what a Mojo is too) later on.

I’ve chosen some Beethoven for our Classical Corner this week. A symphony of his no less. No 6 (well part of it) to be precise. That and a bit of history surrounding it at around 11.30.
So if you are a classical music dummy like me stay tuned. You may learn something. If not, you will recognise the piece anyway and it’s lovely.

My ‘Artists of the Show’ this week are a couple of lads from Leith who have been entertaining us now since 1987 with tracks including ‘500 Miles’, ‘Letter From America’ and ‘I’m On My Way’. Yes, it’s the Proclaimers and I’ll be playing a few of their tracks throughout the show.

With some help from Howard and his team at ‘Beautiful Britain’ we’ll take a look at what has happened here in the UK on the 6th. August in years past at around 10.30 in the ‘This Day in History’ feature.
(You’ll find Howard’s fabulous website at

And then there’s the ‘Spot The TV Show That Grannie Used To Watch Competition’, the Jokers Wild ‘Joke Of The Week’ plus a veritable mix of shiny newies and golden oldies, I really will be hard pushed to squeeze everything in.

Join me if you can then on Wednesday morning from 10.00 am ‘til 1.00 pm

‘AM into the PM’ with me, Andy Morris