Aug 042014

SOS Chimneys

Edit 2! There’s a change to the shops holding the petition.

Edit – Listen to the Radio Saltire Interview at the bottom of this post!


Listeners to David Caldwell’s Brunch Show will already be aware of the “Save Our Stacks” campaign to save Cockenzie Power Station’s landmark chimneys.

The organisers believe that the Cockenzie Chimneys create a landmark that has become a signature of East Lothian’s coast. Over time, they have become well loved by locals and not everybody agrees with the current plans to demolish them.

The campaign is gathering pace with both on and offline petitions gathering names fast.

Kids Competition

In an effort to gather interest amongst the younger members of our community, the SOS Campaign has set up a “Loom Band” competition. They want kids to create “Loom Band Chimneys” by wrapping cardboard rolls (eg kitchen paper rolls) with Loom Band. The completed “Chimneys” can then be entered into a prize draw that will take place at the end of August.

The image (top right) shows an artists impression of the chimneys covered with Loom Bands. Apparently, to make this a reality, East Lothian’s kids would need to create a band over 2000 miles long!

Join In

The online petition is available via the Change.Org website. It’s also available in local shops, currently in Tranent at:

  • Bobby Marr Fruit shop
  • Janets Flower shop
  • Homezone
  • Elphinstone Newsagents
  • Kirsteens Kreations
  • Recharge
  • Tranent Day Centre

You can also get more of a flavour of the campaign via videos posted on Youtube:


The Radio Saltire Interview