Jul 212014

My guest this week is East Lothian Councillor Norman Hampshire.
Often described as ‘Mr. Dunbar’, Norman has represented the Dunbar and East Linton Ward now for many years and was first elected as a Councillor on the former East Lothian District Council some 26 years ago.
Never far from controversy, Norman has gained a very notable reputation in the east of the County and it will be my pleasure to see what keeps him going, his interests, his choice in music and perhaps a thing or two that the general public don’t get to know about, when I talk to him just after the News at noon.

Ever heard of Emile Waldteufel?
If you are a classical music dummy like me, probably not. But when I chose this week’s piece for the ‘Classical Corner’, I uncovered a fascinating tale about a German Victorian composer whose music I love, but knew nothing about. I will be playing a track of his at around 11.30 – so listen up and you might be pleasantly surprised.

My ‘Artist of the Show’ this week is a lady I fell in love with back in the 70’s and 80’s. She had a string of hits, was seemingly never off the telly and appeared in the film version of Grease alongside John Travolta, which was a massive and world-wide success.
(I will let you into a secret too – I once opened the door for her at the Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester – and she thanked me!!)

Yes, I’m talking about Olivia Newton John and I have half a dozen of her hits lined up, which I will be playing as the show unfolds.

What with ‘A look Back in History’, The ‘Spot The Show That Grannie Used To Watch’ Competition, the Jokers Wild ‘Joke Of The Week’ and a veritable mix of shiny newies and golden oldies, I will be hard pushed to squeeze everything in.

So don’t be late – or you might miss something.

Join me if you can on Wednesday morning from 10.00 a.m.

‘AM into the PM’

Andy Morris into the Afternoon.