Jul 142014

My Artist of the Show this week is an old mucker of mine, a guy who started his musical career in Sheffield fronting a band called the Avengers. He was known back then as Vance Arnold and it was as Vance Arnold and the Avengers, that I got to know him as his band and the one I played in, the Typhoons were on the same pub and club circuit. This was back in the 60’s. Anyway Vance was persuaded to change his name and went back to the one he was born with and the rest is history. From Gas Fitter to Superstar, I am talking about Joe Cocker and I will be playing half a dozen or so of his tracks throughout the show.

There are the usual regulars including at about 10.30 a look back at This Day in History to see what happened here in the UK on 16th. July in times past – helped along as usual by Howard and his terrific website – Beautiful Britain.

Our ‘Classical Corner’ this week features some Mozart and a piece he wrote as the Overture to ‘The Marriage of Figaro.’
So if you’re a classical music dummy like me, listen in at about 11.30 and I’ll tell you a bit about it before we listen to it.

Then of course there’s the weekly competition. ‘Spot the TV Show That Grannie Used to Watch’ Competition: Just identify the theme tune from the snippet I will be playing and let me know what old TV show it fronted. Three lucky listeners will each win a Radio Saltire Car Sticker.

To enter – and during the show you can call me on 01875 612222, Text me on 07 507 33 22 44 or email me at studio@radiosaltire.org.

All correct entries will be entered into the hat and the winners drawn out and announced at around 12.45 pm.

I do hope you can join me.

‘AM into the PM’ – Andy Morris into the afternoon

This Wednesday (and EVERY Wednesday) at 10.00 am until 1.00 pm