Jun 022014

On this week’s show my ‘live’ guest is East Lothian Councillor and recent President of Haddington Rotary Club. John McMillan.

John McMillan

John is one of our supporters here at Radio Saltire and a man I have got to know over the last two or three years. He really is a nice bloke, dedicated to his job, his Constituency – Haddington and Lammermuir and the well-being of those not as fortunate as maybe some of us.

I will find out about his background and just what keeps him dedicated to his principles, what makes him smile and his preferred brand of whisky in my chat with him shortly after the News at Noon.

Our roving reporter, this week in the guise of our very own Madelaine Cave, will be giving us her take on the show ‘Let It Be’ which is currently on at the Edinburgh Playhouse.
This spectacular concert is jam-packed with over 40 of The Beatles greatest hits!
Direct from London’s West End, this international hit show celebrates the legacy of the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band.
But is it any good?
Find out what she thinks when Madelaine reports in shortly after 11.00 a.m.

The show will contain all the usual stuff – a glimpse back at what has happened over the years on 3rd. June here in the UK, the weekly competition and our sojourn into the world of classical music for dummies like me – Classical Corner – which this week peeks at some Grieg and the incidental music he wrote for Ibsen’s Pier Gynt, Op. 23.
Don’t worry; you will recognise it (!!) It’s a lovely piece.

And talking about ‘lovely pieces’ (please forgive the pun!) my artist of the week is Dusty Springfleld, described by many as ‘the best British female singer of all time’.

Not bad for a Tuesday morning eh?

Join me, if you can on Tuesday from 10.00 a.m. with ‘AM into the PM’.

That’s Andy Morris into the Afternoon’-  right here on Radio Saltire.