May 172014

To quote the late, great Irish comedian Frank Carson, Tuesday’s show looks like being a ‘real cracker’.

For a start, my guest in the studio is Donald Grant, the Scottish Labour elected member of East Lothian Council for the Fa’side Ward.

Donald Grant
Donald has his own brand of politics which have raised a few eyebrows over the years – but I will be ignoring all of them!
If you have listened to my interviews on ‘AM into the PM’ in the past, I don’t give a monkeys about what my guests represent, what their politics are or what principals they believe in. I leave all that for them to advocate elsewhere.

The fact that they are in the public eye is what interests me – and why.

So I will be finding out just what makes Donald tick, what his life was like working for the S.S.E.B., what makes him laugh, what he does on a Saturday night and how he likes his music.

Nothing pretentious then.

Did you realise that it will be two years to the day on Tuesday since Bee Gee Robin Gibb passed away?
Doesn’t time fly?
This is just one of the facts I will be reminding you about as I look back at what has happened here in the UK over the years on 20th. May.

My artists of the week this week are the ‘Fortunes’ – probably the most under-rated British band that were around in the 60’s and 70’s.
You might remember hits from them including ‘You’ve Got Your Troubles’, ‘Here it Comes Again’ and ‘Seasons In the Sun’. I will be playing all these and a few more of their tracks too throughout the show.

The ‘Classical Corner’ features a bit of Bach. A cantata no less – and one you will probably recognise.
Stick with me on this and you may learn something. I certainly did when I was researching it.
So if you’re a Classical Musical Dummy like me, this is for you. And a chance to put the kettle on if you’re not.

There will be the usual competition to win a Porsche – er, I mean a Radio Saltire Car Sticker (sorry, all the Porsches have gone!) and all you have to do this week is tell me which village in East Lothian is reputed to be the home of the Scottish Flag – the Saltire.

Absolutely no clues. (But it begins with ‘A’ and ends in ‘ford’).


Just get in touch with me during the show (I’ll tell you how to do this at the time) and if you are correct, your entry will be put into a hat and  three lucky listeners will win.

So get the washing up done and the pots away, put the vac round, rip off your apron and be ready to tune in from 10.00 am.

I’ll be waiting……

‘AM into the PM’ with me, Andy Morris.

See you Tuesday.