May 262014

Well this is probably the one you’ve all been waiting for.

My interview with our only Westminster MP in these parts – East Lothian’s Fiona O’Donnell.

Fiona O'Donnell
You can completely forget our ‘Classical Corner’, the regular spot for Classical Music dummies like me, where this week I will feature one of Handel’s best loved pieces – his ‘Largo’ from Xerxes – and of course all the hours of work I have put in researching it for you! You will probably be out making a cup of tea anyway.

You can totally ignore our trip down memory lane to look back at what has happened here in the UK on 27th. May in years past. It doesn’t matter that on this day in 1986, a little known Irish-born singer called Bob Geldof was made an honorary Knight of the Realm by Queen Elizabeth II for his efforts to raise money for the starving of Africa and that it’s Jamie Oliver’s birthday either!

You clearly don’t care that you can win a rare Radio Saltire Car Sticker in our weekly competition by just answering a simple question during the show.

And as far as our ‘Artists of the Show’ are concerned this week, it doesn’t matter that I will be featuring the iconic British Band – Dire Straits and the myriad of hits they had over the years – many of which I will include during the three hours or so of the show.

Well easy come, easy go….

No. All you want to do is listen in to me chatting to Fiona after the News at noon, about her life and interests outside politics such as; what makes her smile, her favourite TV programmes, the last book she read and which supermarket she uses. In other words, all the important stuff.

So join me on Tuesday morning from ten ‘til one. (GMT)

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