Apr 252014

In a packed programme this week I will be chatting live here in the studio to Jim Hume, the Scottish Liberal Democratic MSP for the South of Scotland.

Jim Hume
Jim has had a brilliant career to date and I will be finding out a bit about his farming background in the Scottish Borders, his hobbies, interests and music preferences when I talk to him after the news at noon.

There are the usual regulars of course including at about 10.30 a look back at ‘Today in History’ to see what happened here in the UK on 29th. April in times past – helped along as usual by Howard and his terrific website – BeautifulBritain.co.uk

This week’s ‘Classical Corner‘ – the spot for classical music dummies like me takes us into world of George Frideric Handel, the German born but nationalised British composer famed for his love of religious and royal music which has really stood the test of time. Some of his pieces are still regularly played today despite being written over 300 years ago and the piece I have chosen today – ‘The Entry of the Queen of Sheba’ will probably be familiar with most of you even if you don’t recognise it by name.

As you know, I’m a self-confessed Classical Music Dummy so I have been researching this piece of music and I’ll be sharing what I found out with you – and listening to it too of course at around 11.30.

This week’s artist of the week is Michael Bolton and then there’s the competition. Once again, we have three Radio Saltire Car Stickers up for grabs and all you have to do is answer a simple question and email or text me during the show with your answer. All correct entries will be entered into the hat and the winners drawn out and announced at around 12.45 pm. And this week’s question is:

What year did the County of ‘Haddingtonshire’ change its name to ‘East Lothian’?

Was it   a) 1921     b) 1925   or c) 1928

Please remember that this particular competition is only running WHILE THE SHOW IS ON AIR (so don’t try to enter it at any other time) and entries must be by email: studio@radiosaltire.org – or by text: 07 55 33 47 0 24
And don’t forget to give us a contact number so we can call you back if you’ve won – to find out where to send your sticker.

I’ll be opening up a link too on our Facebook page during the show so if you would like a request or a dedication, you can post it there, email me or text me – and I’ll do my best to oblige.

Its all happening and kicks off as usual at 10.00 of the clock in the forenoon.
I do hope you can join me.

And don’t be late – or you might have to sit at the back!