Apr 092014
Iain Grey and Andy Morris in the Radio Saltire studio

Iain Grey and Andy Morris

On Tuesday’s AM into the PM, Andy Morris spoke to Iain Grey MSP and Mark Coyle, an Audiologist working in Edinburgh.

Iain Grey visited the studio as part of Andy’s series of interviews with local councillors and politicians.

The interview ranged across the MSP’s growing up in Edinburgh and Inverness, teaching in Lothian and Mozambique, twelve years working for Oxfam, his role as Chair of the Hibernian Community Foundation as well as his career in politics.  Iain’s playlist was “Stand by Me” (Ben E King), “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen), “Dancing in the Dark” (Bruce Springsteen) and “Like a Rolling Stone” (Bob Dylan)

Iain said later:

Community radio stations like Radio Saltire are an important part of community life, and I am always pleased to support them.  It’s always nice to be asked about something other than politics, and getting to choose some favourite tracks is a bonus too.

Iain Grey AM into the PM Radio Saltire by Radio Saltire on Mixcloud

Mark’s interview came ahead of a publicity campaign launching on Friday in Edinburgh. Check out the Hidden Hearing website for more info: http://www.hiddenhearing.co.uk

AM into the PM Mark Coyle Interview by Radio Saltire on Mixcloud