Mar 282014

Join me on Tuesday morning for ‘AM into the PM’ for our weekly sojourn into the world of music and chat.

My guest this week is David Orr, Operations Manager of the Fraser Centre in Tranent. David will be telling us a bit about the history of this old and unique building, something about himself too and the aspirations he and his team have at the Fraser Centre for the future.

This week’s featured artists are the ‘Eagles’ so we will be listening to a number of the massive hits this American band have achieved world-wide over the years.

There will be the usual features too including the Classical Corner for classical music dummies like me, which this week features a lovely piece by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi; there’s a look back at ‘This Day in History’ c/o Howard’s superb website ‘Beautiful Britain’ and of course and as usual, our popular weekly competition where you get the chance to win a Radio Saltire Car Sticker, which have been described as ‘the best thing for cars since windscreens’.

So join me, Andy Morris, on Tuesday morning from 10.00am (GMT) and enjoy.

‘AM into the PM’: The show that’s so good, it’s not available in the shops……..

Mar 272014

Police ScotlandPolice in the Borders and East Lothian are issuing a warning following a series of potential telephone banking scams in Duns and North Berwick, which have been reported over the last week.

In the incidents on the bogus callers have managed to fraudulently transfer several large sums of cash, leaving the victims devastated.

On each occasion, the bank account holders – from a number of different banks – have been contacted by someone claiming to be from their bank’s fraud unit informing them of unusual activity on their account. They are told to hang up and immediately call the emergency number on the back of their bank card.

But the bogus callers have been able to keep the telephone line open – including using sound effects to simulate a dialing tone – before transferring the caller to a fake bank agent.

Thinking they are through to the bank, the bank account holder then passes over all relevant personal details the culprits require. This has resulted in large amounts of money being transferred out of the alleged ‘compromised’ bank account.

Detective Inspector Dave Pinkney said:

It is very upsetting for victims when they lose significant sums of money as a result of telephone banking scams.

If you think you have been subject to this type of call, do not immediately call back the number of your bank as requested by the caller.

Our advice is to either contact the emergency number using a separate phone, or phone a person you know to check whether the line has been kept open before phoning the bank.

Householders and business owners should always remain vigilant when phoned by people regarding their bank account. If you think you have received such a call, contact police immediately.

DI Pinkney added:

We will continue to investigate these cases thoroughly.

Anyone with information on such scams can contact Police Scotland on 101, or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Mar 262014

Craig G Is In The Chair On Friday Between 10am and 1pm And He Has An Exclusive Interview Instore For You All

Joining Him Is The Man Who Is helping To Bring Back Recognition  To The Scottish Dance Scene.None Other Than TTF Frontman And Scottish Dance Legend “Jon Campbell”.

He Will Be Talking About The Past,Present And The Future Of The Band And The Dance Scene In General.There Will Be A Couple Of TTF Tracks Played During The Interview,So Join Mr G On Friday Just After 12pm For A True Dance Legend On The Telephone.



Mar 262014

Joining me tonight will be Nicola Wright from Mercat Tours – telling us just what goes on down in those dark parts of old Edinburgh, and why she often gets dressed in fancy clothing not to mention some bloke called James IV!  Tune in for what promises to be an interesting night,not only with me guest, but probably also me playlist lol.