Mar 032014

A rubber dinghy carrying one man and three mackerel has sunk after crashing into an Iceland carrier bag off the shore at Musselburgh. Already being dubbed Titanic the second the disaster was witnessed by one dog walker who is still too traumatised to speak about it. The man aboard the dinghy was fished out but sadly the three mackerel didn’t make it. Thoughts are with their families.

The majority of tourists in Britain come from other countries confirms Boris Johnson.

All eyes were on Prestonpans this week as the new square roundabouts were officially opened. Unfortunately traffic has been at a standstill all morning as drivers are peeking round the corner to see if its safe to go.

Rumours that rapper 2pac is still alive have been confirmed. In an exclusive interview with Radio Saltire Bob Marley talks about the studio flat he shares with 2pac in Musselburgh.

and finally

Football fans have blasted Real Tranent striker Grain Broony after he signed a new contract for £25 a week. One fan wrote on Twitter “I am disgusted, there’s too much money in football these days.”
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