Feb 192014

AM into the PM….

….the show that brings you the very best in music, topical discussion, debate and giving you the opportunity to comment about what is making the news locally and nationally and how it affects you and the community

‘AM into the PM’ incorporates a complete eclectic mix of most music genres and has something for everyone of all ages and tastes. From chart stuff, through musicals, golden oldies and light classical favourites.

But there’s more….

Each week and live on air, I talk to ordinary people like me and you, about what they do, what makes them tick and what they’ve been up to.

It may be that they are part of a group, a local charity, club or association or even into local politics. Some are ‘personalities, most are not. It could be that they’ve done something different or achieved a goal or ambition that has changed their life. It might be that they are going to be involved in something a little bit out of the ordinary, want our support and need some publicity.

It could be that they – are you!

Everyone, without exception, has a story to tell.

So if you feel that you fall into any of these categories, get in touch and you never know, you might find yourself talking about it with me on a future show.

Email me at andrew@radiosaltire.org and let’s get chatting.

Next week – Tuesday 25th. February, I will be chatting with Stefan Tait and his work with the Lung Ha’s Theatre Company. (http://www.lunghas.co.uk)
Since 1984, Lung Ha’s Theatre Company has been one of the leading professional theatre companies in Scotland providing opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to become actively involved in the performing arts.
They are shortly to produce ‘The Hold’ at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and I will be discussing this – and more about this terrific organisation with Stefan at around 11.00 am.

Then, and at around noon, my guest in the studio will be David Berry.
David is a member of the SNP and was, for a time, Leader of East Lothian Council. He was brought up in North Berwick where he still lives and has been involved in local politics for many, many years. I will be finding out about what makes him tick, the changes he has seen during his political career, a bit about his personal background and exploring his past ventures into the world of music. Should be good….

Join me – Andy Morris next Tuesday morning – and every Tuesday twixt 10.00 am and 1.00 pm for ‘AM into the PM’.