Feb 262014

Neknominate warningUK councils want social networking sites to introduce warning over the drinking game Neknominate.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has called the game a “totally irresponsible craze”, which involves people filming themselves downing alcohol then nominating someone else to continue.

The LGA believes social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook have a responsibility to show health warnings.

Several deaths have been linked to the game, and the LGA is urging social networking sites to “show leadership” and not ignore what is happening.

Katie Hall, chair of the LGA’s community wellbeing board, said:

This is an utterly reckless and totally irresponsible craze which has tragically claimed lives. More should be done to highlight the dangers and persuade people not to participate.

We believe social media operators have a responsibility to provide health warnings to user groups and individuals.

We are urging Facebook and Twitter executives to sit down with us and discus a way forward which tackles the issue head-on.