Nov 172013

Andy Morris Great Golden Oldies ShowRadio Saltire welcomes the long awaited return of the Great Golden Oldies Show next weekend.

At the new time of 12.00 noon on Saturday 23rd November the GREAT Golden Oldie himself, Andy Morris will be back to present his show which has become a favourite of so many.

As before, the show will start with some of Andy’s personal favourites and will probably include a few tracks you have forgotten you once knew.

This week’s chart archive is from November 1973 and includes hits from the Detroit Spinners, Bob Dylan and E.L.O.

The year under the spotlight is 1965; the year Stanley Mathews played his last English First Division soccer game at the ripe old age 50. It was also the year the government introduced blood-alcohol limits for drivers and the Beatles film ‘Help!’ debuted in London. Music from that year included ‘Here Comes the Night’ from Them and ’I’m Alive’ from the Hollies.

Join Andy on Saturday – and EVERY Saturday at noon for the Great Golden Oldies Show.

The show that’s often copied but never properly replicated – and only here on Radio Saltire.