Jun 052013

Police ScotlandPolice in East Lothian have successfully tackled antisocial behaviour issues, which had been a local concern in Haddington.

Community Officers and Community wardens identified six youths, who had been causing problems for shopkeepers, residents and shoppers in Haddington High Street and agreed an appropriate action plan to address these concerns.

As a result, all of the young people were spoken to and have agreed to change their behaviour.

The youths – three males and three females between 14 and 17 – have all signed a six-month Acceptable Behaviour Agreements with East Lothian Council and Police Scotland.

These documents confirm that the author has agreed to refrain from behaving in a manner, which causes, or is likely to cause, alarm or distress to any other person within their local community.

Breaching the terms of the Agreement could result in an ASBO being issued and failure to adhere to this will lead to a banning order from Haddington’s High Street.

Haddington Community Inspector Bob Rodriguez said:

Antisocial behaviour in Haddington has been a real problem in recent weeks, making the High Street area a less pleasant one for those who live, work and shop there.

Having identified the young people responsible for a number of these offences, Police Scotland and partners at East Lothian Council, explained the likely consequences of their actions to them if they continued with their unacceptable behaviour.

I am pleased that these youths have agreed to rectify their conduct and they now know that further offences will result in them being banned from the High Street.

The Acceptable Behaviour Agreements are a useful tool in helping address youth concerns in Haddington. We will continue to utilise this resource if and when appropriate.

An East Lothian Council spokeswoman added:

Antisocial behaviour can cause considerable distress for individuals and local communities. Acceptable Behaviour Agreements offer an opportunity to these young people to recognise the negative effects of their behaviour and to act accordingly.