May 292013

Police ScotlandChildren from an East Lothian school will be taking part in a new road safety campaign to raise driver awareness of the dangers of speeding, particularly around schools.

Pupils from Dirleton Primary School will be made Junior Road Safety Officers and will work with Police Scotland to highlight good and bad driving habits to motorists.

The speeding initiative will take place on a stretch of road outside the primary school on Thursday 30th May.

Police officers will stop drivers and speak with them before inviting JRSOs over to participate.

The pupils will ask the drivers a series of questions and then fill in a short questionnaire with the answers.

The children will be in hi-visibility clothing at all times and will remain on the footpath when they approach the drivers, who will be asked to pull over at the lay-bys on both lanes of the road.

Speed-gun checks will also be carried out on the road during the event and anyone found to be driving above the limit for the area will be appropriately dealt with.

Inspector Bob Rodriguez from Police Scotland’s Lothian and Scottish Borders Division said:

Our new campaign to tackle speeding will our Junior Road Safety Officers an active role in learning about road safety.

By getting the pupils involved directly, drivers can really see how their actions could impact on school children.

This initiative has been carried out to great success on other parts of Scotland, and has been shown to have an impact on driving behaviour around schools.