Apr 202013

Peter McCullochEast Lothian FM is delighted to welcome Peter McCulloch to the studio this week. He will join Hector for Brunch this Tuesday morning.

Peter told the web team:

It all started many years ago I would scribble the odd poem on scraps of paper. My first sense of reality and the thought that I had a wee touch of poetry, was a simple poem about the road over the Granites to Innerlethian where I had to work for a while. I have long since lost the poem but I can remember a couple of lines;

Over the hill’s and road’s uneven lies the town of Innerleithen.

About 12 years ago he approached the East Lothian Council about starting a writers group with a few others. Thanks to them it happened and a group was formed. Peter was a part of this for a few years before drifting on to pastures new.

Then followed a number of invitations to recite his poetry. Diverse Attractions, part of the Edinburgh Fringe, then his granddaughter’s playgroup on Burn’s Day:

There I was perched on this tiny yellow chair. It went well and at the end I was asked to sing “Ally Bally Bee”, but like most people I only knew the first verse so I was asked to sing it again!

Peter has self published two books (one may still be available in Kesley’s) and appeared in another created by the Museum of Flight. They put a poem book together named “Spirit of Flight” and launched it in the Hanger at the museum.

The Haddington Festival of 2012 approached Peter to write a poem about the long gone Kilspindie knitwear firm. Since he had worked there, Peter had no trouble finding inspiration for the work. As part of the festival, a film was made about the knitware firm and it’s history in the area. It was then shown in the John Gray Library. In fact, if you look in the John Gray Centre’s museum section, you can still find an image of a younger Peter McCulloch modelling Kilspinie Knitware!

Why not tune in on Tuesday morning and hear Peter telling his stories for himself. Brunch with Hector airs at 10am.