Mar 072013

North Berwick has been chosen as the filming location for a Finnish/Scottish co-production.

The film is shot by BAFTA New Talent (2013) nominated cinematographer, Alan McLaughlin and will feature both English and Finnish.

LOMA tells the story of a Finnish family coming to North Berwick for a peaceful holiday, in the hopes of somewhat restoring family harmony. Little did they know, that the holiday letting agency has accidentally double-booked the cottage they are meant to stay in. So they are forced to share their holiday with the Toulsons, a Scottish family. Squeezed in the tiny cottage, all kinds of problems arise in the already dysfunctional family.

The Toulsons are played by an actual mother-daughter team from Portobello and Finnish actors are flown in specifically from Finland to star in the film.

The film is entirely funded by donations from kind people and company sponsorships.
Director Katri A. Vanhatalo was born and raised in Helsinki but moved to Scotland four years ago to learn the art of filmmaking. In her graduation film she chose to combine her Finnish identity with her experience of Scottish culture.

Living in Scotland has made me very reflective of my own background. The way Finnish people think, how they interact with each other and how that differs from the way Scottish people maintain their relationships.

But in the end, we are all human beings, seeking to be accepted as part of a group. The cultural stereotypes that are addressed in LOMA and have to be overcome by the two families in order for them to make the set-up work is a metaphor for the differences we all have to overcome in every day life in order to not alienate ourselves from other people.

The film will be shot in a holiday let at Tantallon Studios next week.

The film is still accepting donations in order to pay for production costs. More information on the film and how to donate can be found at