Sep 052012

Paddington BearThursday

Karen Jankel – Michael Bond created the classic fictional character from a small toy bear he saw left on a shelf all alone in a shop on Christmas Eve in 1956. He felt sorry for the bear, so he bought it and took it home as a present for his wife. He named him Paddington, as they lived near Paddington Station at the time.

Michael wrote some stories about the bear for fun, yet after ten days he realised he could have the beginning of a book. He sent the book to his agent and after sending it to several publishers it was eventually accepted by William Collins & Sons, now known as Harper Collins. The publishers assigned an illustrator to the book, Peggy Fortnum and the very fi­­­rst book was published on 13th October 1958 called “A Bear Called Paddington”.

Since the birth of Paddington, the books have been translated into over forty languages selling more than thirty-five million copies worldwide. There are 13 titles in the series with the most recent being published this year. 150 different types of Paddington books have been published since 1958, including activity and board books for children.

Michael Bond’s daughter, Karen Jankel, quite literally grew up with Paddington Bear. She was surrounded in fur and Marmalade from an early age, hence going on to work alongside her father to manage his creation and the business he set up in the 1970s.

Karen Jankel is in our studio to talk about the history of the iconic bear and why so many people still love the polite, marmalade loving character today.

Elaine C Smith – Global singing sensation Susan Boyle will see her inspirational life story take to the stage. Charting her meteoric rise from obscurity to international stardom, the musical, ‘I DREAMED A DREAM’© will tour internationally from 2012. Susan will be played by Elaine C Smith, famed for her role in Rab C Nesbitt and a particular favourite of Susan. The show will be produced by Michael Harrison.


Don’t suffer in silence

New research to mark National Hearing Awareness Month proves the old adage is true:

  • Men switch off the quickest with a quarter admitting that they tune out within the first 10 seconds of their partner speaking!
  • ‘Moaning’ came out on top (58%) as the number one conversation stopper, with topics like soap storylines, gossip and feelings also featuring in the top ten conversation turn offs.
  • 10 million people suffer from hearing loss in the UK and a staggering 4 million remain undiagnosed as they haven’t sought help.

Audiologist, Peter Sydserff and celebrity doctor, Dr Hilary Jones are going to discuss the findings and how important it is for people to get their hearing checked.

Miccolli – For over four years Birmingham band Miccoli (twin brothers, Adriano and Alessandro and sister, Francesca) have toured the US and the UK honing a sound that has been compared to everyone from Snow Patrol to Coldplay.

They have gigged in the Viper Rooms and every other key rock venue across America, written songs and worked with legendary producers. They’ve hung out with Motley Crue, written songs and had an altercation with Paris Hilton in a toilet. They wrote more songs, were cautioned by the highway patrol, wrote songs and learnt a great deal about producing their own music.

They played the O2 Wireless festival, lived in their car with a mobile bar and cooker they built themselves, wrote and performed more songs and one of the band members suffered a near fatal heart operation. They turned down a gig for Kevin Costner, wrote and performed even more songs, moved to Penang and landed a sponsorship deal. They shot their début video, wrote more songs and performed more gigs. AND… that is just the half of it!

A Nation of pet lovers….or not?

Most people love and adore their furry little friends, particularly cats and dogs, with over 7.3 million dogs and 7.2 million cats in our households across the UK. 60% of single people buy a pet for companionship, with 39% of whom have replaced their partner with a pet!

However, the UK is at an 11 year high for stray and abandoned dogs, which is an increase of 4% on the previous year.

Fiona Campbell, Pet Nutritionist from Burns Pet Nutrition and Canine Welfare Trainer from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Nathalie Ingham will talk about the problem of stray and abandoned animals and how to best take care of our loveable companions!