Jun 112012

We received an email this morning about a bike being stolen from a 13 year old boy.

Following an accident, he returned home to get his bleeding hand cleaned up, leaving his bike at the back door to the house.  His parents dressed the wound but were not too sure if he was OK so decided to take him up to hospital to get his hand looked at.

Just before leaving he remembered his bike and asked his mum to put it into the garage for him. She was just about to do this when he came screaming through the house saying that he had just seen someone come into the back garden and walk away with his bike. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a good look at the person because the street lights were out, so it was pitch black at the back of the house.

Just to round off the evening, at the hospital they found he had broken his finger. He had to have the finger nail removed and stitches!

The bike is a rare Chrome Haro BMX worth about £450. If you are in Tranent or the surrounding area, please keep your eyes open and report any sightings to the Police. If the bike is found, it might go some way to restore this young lad’s faith in the community.