Jun 232012

A couple of weekends ago, East Lothian FM had a very busy day at The Fraser Centre in Tranent. The centre has opened as a community resource and wanted to spread the word about their activities. East Lothian FM was asked to promote the event and provide some entertainment through the day.

We quickly realised that this was an opportunity to spread our wings a little. We broadcast Live from the event during the morning before switching back to the Studio for our regular Saturday shows. In the evening, we took over the centre ourselves for a fundraiser featuring music from Cool Reception and guests.

We had two little blips with the antiquated electrics in the Fraser Centre but otherwise broadcast the whole evening event live. It sounded great and attracted listeners from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to join in our fun.

Thanks to everyone that took part, either in person or online. Your support really is appreciated and we look forward to doing it all again soon.

Here’s some pictures just back from the chemist!