May 022012

East Lothian Young MumsWe received a message on our Facebook Page this week from Hanah, a mum that had her son when she was 19 years old. She found the experience difficult, especially when she tried to maintain a few social links after he was born. She has a few friends with babies but she quickly lost contact with the ones that don’t, so she tried to do something about it.

Hanah found this experience particularly distressing. She attended Antenatal Classes and several Mother and Baby groups but felt that other mothers treated her unfairly and looked down on her because she was only 19. When her son was just 8 weeks old, she developed post-natal depression and turned to a charity in Edinburgh for help.

She felt alone and isolated and felt particularly guilty because she thought she was stopping her son from making friends and socialising.

Fortunately she found a group for young mums run by a Health Visitor team in Edinburgh. She met a new friend and found the experience rewarding. She also found that the feelings she had experienced were common to other young mums, so when the group finished after just 6 weeks, she knew there was a need in the community.

Hanah has now moved to East Lothian and again, her search for a friendly group has not been easy. This time though, she decided to do something more active.

I decided that there was no point in young mothers all over East Lothian (and Edinburgh) feeling isolated, upset and thinking that they are the only young mums in the world. I wanted to meet mums who were closer to my age as we would have more in common and we could get along easier. I decided to set up East Lothian Young Mums so all the young mums who are looking for similar aged parents can come together and build a strong, understanding support network.

Her plan was to start up a group on Facebook. She quickly attracted interest and their has been a lot of discussion on the page about all things baby. There is no obligation to meet up with other mums, but there’s often someone around to join in a chat and offer a little advice. Subjects covered already include difficult births/labours, domestic abuse and violence, moving house with baby, sleepless nights and post-natal depression.

Hanah (still only 20) wants to develop the group and arrange meet-ups when there are enough members who support the idea. She is keen that the group covers all of the county and aims to be very flexible when it comes to venues/places to meet.

We are a friendly, welcoming group and are aimed at younger mums but have no problem with any age – as long as they have an open mind!

Check out the Facebook Page here: