Mar 282012

Aerial View of Quarry

To the East of Dunbar the LeFarge Cement Works have moved their quarry leaving the old one to fill with water. Recently there has been a lot of discussion about what this area could be used for. Local resident Steve Hanmer has become concerned that not all local views are being taken into account. He worries that the land could be handed over to the RSPB and that this could lead to the area being protected for the sole use of birds.

Although bird life and wildlife in general is very important to most residents of the county, Steve believes that many other sections of the community could benefit from access to the water. He is now getting very concerned that no one is prepared to discuss the matter. He has tried to engage the Council and the RSPB but has had little success.

As a means of raising awareness of the situation and to try and gain an insight to local views, Steve has created a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page. These are open access webpages where you can get involved in the discussion. Already there have been ideas for the quarries use being suggested so why not see if you can add to the discussion.

Steve’s main concern is that there has been no consultation with local community groups. He is providing a chance for these groups to express their opinion and get in on the discussion.

You can find the Facebook Group Here: (Long horrible url shortened!)

The Facebook Page is here: