Feb 042012

We have had a number of new presenters joining us at East Lothian FM over the past couple of months. Often they have been people new to radio and many of them are young people that are still at school. It has therefore come as a bit of a shock to hear that someone appears to have been targeting these new presenters with rather obscene phone calls.

Our youngest regular presenters have only just started High School and we have also enjoyed “Guest Spots” from much younger children.

As a responsible organisation, we have a duty to protect all of our presenters from harm and this includes verbal abuse.

From today, we will be recording some telephone calls so that we are able to pass any abusive calls to the Police. We have also advised our younger presenters that they should not answer anonymous calls. We do not want to discourage anyone from contacting the station. We are a community station and we cannot fulfill that role without making it as easy as possible to contact us. So if this causes any difficulty, please remember that we can also accept emails, messages posted to our Chatroom or on Facebook.

We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience but we are sure you will agree that swearing at children has to be acted upon.