End Polio Now

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Dec 202011

End Polio NowThis year Haddington on Skates will be a major holiday attraction for East Lothian. Hopefully we will all have a lot of fun but there is a serious side. Rotary are running a major campaign to End Polio…Now!

So, what do you know about Polio? Check out a few facts below. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a great cause to raise funds for this Christmas.

  • Polio is a viral disease that can damage the nervous system and cause paralysis.
  • The polio virus enters the body through the mouth, usually from an infected person – sharing toilet facilities or utensils.
  • Polio is preventable by immunisation.
  • Since polio immunisation has become widespread cases of polio are rare. However, polio remains a problem in some parts of the world.
  • In the UK every child gets immunised as part of the health checks made during childhood.
  • Since Rotary launched the PolioPlus Program, the number of polio cases has decreased by more than 99 percent, and the number of Polio-endemic countries has fallen from 125 to just 4. Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan.
  • In India alone how many children do you think were immunised over 1 day in February 2011? 156 million!
  • The problems are that many of the children don’t attend school.
  • In a lot of cases their parents cannot read or write.
  • The countries where Polio remains are generally very poor.
  • They cannot afford to fund an immunisation programme.
  • For every £1 raised by Rotary the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contributes £1.50.
  • A series of child vaccinations costs just 20p.

Together we can put an end to polio NOW

We are nearly there.

Haddington Rotary Club