Oct 142011

East Lothian FMNew Beginnings

East Lothian FM started broadcasting at 7am Monday 10th October 2011. Andy Morris got the show rolling and Breakfast With Mo launched our Station. Andy was followed by Iain G and our first Regal performance from The Duke. John Leith’s Music Machine rounded off our current weekday schedule but not the music. Davie Martin popped in to give a couple of bonus shows and a preview of what to expect from him on Sunday. Of course, we can’t forget Graeme Logan‘s first of many shows in his new slot every Thursday Brunch.

Davie will be back with us this Sunday and then a slight change on Monday when Breakfast With Mo will start at 8 instead of 7am.

We’ve added Presenter Profiles to the website (Click the names above) and got stuck in to our Chatroom. Anyone wanting to join in can Register Here and Login with the password they will be sent. Most of our presenters will be hanging out there during the day so it’s a great place for a bit of banter and a request or two.

The New doesn’t stop there though, next Saturday (22nd October) will bring us Gladys Chucklebutty’s first show – my kids are looking forward to this already!

Get In Touch

Chat with the Community is what we’re all about. You can phone our presenters direct on 01620 822 888 or pop into the Studio at 38 Market Street, Haddington. You can also use our Contact Form to get in touch with either the Studio, Admin Staff or the Website Team or you can email the Studio: studio@radiosaltire.org.

If you are interested in presenting or getting involved behind the scenes, get in touch and tell us a little about yourself.

Thank You

None of this would be worthwhile without an audience to broadcast to. The response we’ve had from our listeners has been truly fantastic – not only here in East Lothian but from all over the world. It’s amazing how fast news travels and how keen people have been to show their support. Thank You! It really wouldn’t be worth it without you.

More To Come

There will be a number of announcements over the coming weeks. We’re speaking to potential new presenters and people with ideas they’d like to share. We’ll be adding to our Schedule and bringing you news of what we’ve got up our sleeves. Keep and eye on our Facebook Page, Twitter and our News Section. You can also pop your email address into the box on the left to be sent an email when we add to our site.

New Addition To The Community

Finally, a more personal message. John’s daughter Rachel gave birth yesterday and I’ve not had a chance to congratulate them yet. What a week John. I’m not quite sure how you got through it! Congratulations to you and the family. I’m sure you’re over the moon! Don’t forget we still need a profile from you though. I’m sure you’ll squeeze it in somewhere!!